Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart!” First released in Detroit in the year 1954, Jack Arnold’s CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is one of our very favorite monster pictures. Our torrid love affair with the film and its eponymous monster is no secret; it’s a timeless tale of obsession and conflict, of evolution and of Devonian throwbacks, and it is most certainly a tale of callous environmental destruction.

It’s been argued that in addition to being one of the most popular horror films of all-time, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is also recognized as one of the first Freudian science-fiction films; it is simmering with sexual conflict, as well as familiar archetypes which haunt humanity to its very core: our inherent obsession to possess is almost as strong as our drive to destroy, and as much as we strive to unlock the past we often fail to understand ourselves in the present.

Make the black-top of the “Historic Howell Theater’s Backlot Drive-In” your own personal Black Lagoon and enjoy the thrills (and chills) from the comfort of your own automobile. SCREAM-O-SCOPE CINEMA! proud is proud to offer the exploits of the Gill-Man as part of this summer’s Pop-Up Drive-in series. Keep your claws clean, stay inside your car, and we’ll see you on the other side, Fiends!

Note: the Pop-Up Backlot Drive-In opens at 8 PM, with films beginning at dusk (8:45-9PM).

Admission: $20 per car

Running Time: 1 h 20m

Original Release: 12 February 1954


Jul 23 - 26 2020


8:00 pm
Historic Howell Theater


Historic Howell Theater
315 E. Grand River Ave., Howell, Michigan 48843