The TWHFFC “Sign in Blood” Membership Kit (Classic Edition)


The classic nightmare that started it all! Our original kit is for those genre-fans and academic werewolves who are willing to commit to the monstrous moonlight mission of the TWHFFC (which usually involves something like signing in blood whilst rewinding your two-tape VHS copy of SALEM’S LOT), but may not be ready to sew a patch onto their own flesh or wear plastic fangs over their real fangs full-time. Consider this one the equivalent of dipping your toe into our black lagoon of unholy horrors. We’ll be proud to have you up on the slab with us…so what are you waiting for?

Each Classic Kit includes:

  • (1) Official Fiend Club Card
  • (1) Official “(Dis)Membership” Letter
  • (1) Official Fiend Induction Postcard
  • (1) Official “Saving Horror…” Postcard
  • (1) 3″ Club Sticker
  • (1) Strip of VHS “Horror” section labels from the days of yore
  • (1) Strip of “Be Kind Rewind” VHS labels…also from the days of yore
  • Enough street cred to govern the grooviest of graveyards

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