“Brace-Face Creatures of the Night” Club Key Fob


It’s a hard existential truth that misplacing the keys to your coffin as the sun comes up can make the difference between eternal life and eternal dust, Fiends. Keep yourself organized while also trumpeting your unholy allegiance to the cause with our TWHFFC “Brace-Face Fang Gang” key fobs. Couched in our parallel loves for The Cramps and the legacy of Imagineering’s Larry Liff—the man responsible for the invention of the hinged, plastic fangs—these acrylic keychains are available in two (2) different logo styles and both limited to ten (10) pieces each. With any luck, you’ll be a hit at that Creature Key Party you’ve got planned next month.

  • Single-sided, 2” acrylic design
  • Available in two logo styles
  • Color-coordinated for all you 1980’s creatures of the night out there
  • Art by Craig Horky

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Circle "Brace-Face Fang Gang" Logo, Orange "Midwest Monster" Fangs Logo