“Brace-Face Werewolf Fangs” Enamel Pin


Are you a teenage werewolf with braces on your fangs? Are you a Midwest monster of the highest grade? Does no one understand you because all your teeth are so long? Yeah…us, too, Fiends, so pledge your unholy allegiance to the TWHFFC and all those things that go bump under the full moon with our new “Brace-Face Fang Gang” design. This lovingly horrific collaboration with a few of our friends—artist Craig Horky and the inimitable Lunar Crypt Co.—is couched not only in our love for The Cramps, but also the legacy of Imagineering’s Larry Liff: the man responsible for the invention of the hinged, plastic fangs! In 1977, Imagineering released the “Werewolf Fangs,” a pink variation of the traditional, white vampire fangs…which presumably were no longer for bloodsuckers only…and our lives were forever changed. We’ve slapped some braces on these meat-grinders as a way to also honor the classic song (to which we owe so much) and immortalized them in enamel. Clocking in at 1.25” and featuring an official TWHFFC back-stamp and cut-out design, these fangs will have you howling at the moon in no time. Also available in Hallowe’en Orange.

  • Diameter: 1.25″
  • Double-posted
  • Back-stamped
  • Dangerously stylish and ready for blood
  • Art by Craig Horky
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Original Putrid Pink, Hallowe'en Orange (Variant)