The TWHFFC “We Are the Fang Gang” Membership Fiend Kit (Deluxe Edition)


Whether you’re a Midwest Monster with braces on your fangs or a full-blown beast from beyond the grave, this deluxe TWHFFC kit will have you haunting the hallways with reckless abandon. This evil array of mysterious membership materials are for those genre-fans and academic werewolves who are not only willing to sign in blood and commit to the monstrous moonlight mission of the TWHFFC, but who are also ready to sew a patch onto their own goddamn flesh and wear plastic fangs over their real fangs, full-time. Get six-feet deep with us and be the coolest monster on your block, Fiends…or at the very least, you’ll be the bloodiest.

Each Deluxe “We Are the Fang-Gang” Club Kit includes:

  • (1) Official Fiend Club Card
  • (1) Official “(Dis)Membership” Letter
  • (1) Official Fiend Induction Postcard
  • (1) Exclusive Green Variant “Brace-Face Fang-Gang” Club Insignia Enamel Pin (1.25″)
  • (1) Glow-in-the-Dark Rubber Fang Ring
  • (1) Set of Classic Plastic Fangs (in random, but TWHFFC-approved, color-ways)
  • (1) “Brace-Face Fang-Gang” Club Patch (2.5″)
  • (1) Ben Cooper Werewolf Mask Club Sticker
  • (1) SAVING HORROR… Postcard
  • (1) Glow-in-the-Dark Temporary Tattoo
  • (1) “Brace-Face Fang Gang” Club Sticker (3″, Hallowe’en Orange variant)
  • (1) Strip of VHS “Horror” section labels from the days of yore
  • (1) Strip of “Be Kind Rewind” VHS labels, straight from the video-store aisles

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