Killer Pencil Kit (Samhain Variant)


Strictly limited to six (6) sets, the Samhain variant of our Killer Pencil Kit variants is for those leather-clad lycanthropes whose souls are as black as pitch…but who also like to compose lovely thank-you cards after an exhausting Sabbat.

We started the TWHFFC in a humble classroom where the academic rigor was intense, the metacognition was killer, and the analytical writing expansive. Therefore, we are proud to unleash hell upon your notebook and other ephemera via our KILLER PENCIL KIT. Perfect for automatic writing during a séance, letters home from summer camp, the drafting of analytical essays, or the slaying of tiny vampires. And because no one likes mistakes—like foolishly dropping a butcher knife around the house when under assault by a masked killer—this kit of five (5) writing utensils totally includes two (2) death’s head pencil toppers for erasing whatever (or whomever) you choose. In addition, adorn your locker or foggy car window with this exclusive TWHFFC sticker featuring a riff on everyone’s favorite jack o’ lantern. Heck, use that hand-numbered card as a bookmark and party like it’s 1978, Fiends! Totally.

“The Night He Wrote Home!”

Each Killer Pencil Kit (Samhain Variant) Includes:

  • (4) “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” Pencils (in Leather Lagoon Black)
  • (1) Randomly selected H78 “Haddonfield High School” or “Michael Myers Is My Co-Pilot” Pencil (in Ghost Bob Orange)
  • (2) Skull Eraser/Pencil Toppers (1 Orange, 1 Black)
  • (2) Exclusive, clear TWHFFC “Jack O’ Lantern Logo Mash-Up” decals
  • (1) Strip of iconic “Horror” VHS labels from the video store aisles of yore
  • (1) Strip of iconic “2 Day Rental” VHS labels to help you avoid those insidious late fees
  • An additional package card/bookmark (stamped and numbered)
  • Bagged, hand-numbered, and limited to only six (6) sets
  • Everything an officially Official Fiend needs to send some killer correspondence on the spookiest night of the year

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