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Limited “Dimestore Werewolf” Acrylic Pin


The Ben Cooper dimestore masks of our youth still make us howl, and our “Dimestore Werewolf” design moves from mere sticker to an ultra limited pin, rendered in arcane acrylic so as to bring out the beast in each and every one of you. Well, only 13 of you, really–we’ve these kept these fanged freaks as limited and lycanthropic as a silver bullet. Single-posted and clocking in at 1.25″, this officially official Club pin will whip your Full Moon Fever into a full-on frisson, Fiends!

Note: Each pin will arrive with a thin layer of plastic sheeting so as to protect the design in transit–for best results, peel this covering off and discard before wearing…or simply call a priest. 

  • Limited to only 13 pieces
  • 1.25″
  • Single-posted
  • Acrylic
  • Retains a serious stranglehold on the trick-or-treating terrors of your Halloween heyday