TWHFFC “Eerie Accoutrements” Accessory Pack


Let the Teenage Werewolves Horror Film Fiend Club help you freshen up your crypt, protect your coffin lid from those unholy condensation rings, and dress up that unsightly meat locker of yours. Our utilitarian EERIE ACCOUTREMENTS accessory pack is designed to bring some dark light to your even darker life.

Each pack includes:

  • (1) TWHFFC “View-Master” Coffin Freshener featuring our “Outpost 31 Dark Ice” scent and six iconic images
  • (1) 3″ TWHFFC magnet inspired by the seminal 1980 “Creature Features” wax-packs
  • (1) 3.7″ beer coaster adorned with our SUSPIRIA and NOSFERATU mash-up


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