TWHFFC “Brace-Face Fang Gang” Logo Patch


You know what looks good on that denim vest of yours? Blood. Lots of it. However, in the event that bloodstains from a sloppy session of carnivorous lunar activities are a source of shame and embarrassment for you, use this handy 2.5” iron-on patch of our new “Brace-Face Fang Gang” logo to cover them up. Designed with officially Official Fiend (and artist of all things arcane), Craig Horky, this eerily embroidered patch from beyond the grave has been rancorously rendered in green and orange, perfect for celebrating all things Halloween. Not only has our new logo been designed to pay tribute to The Cramps song from which we culled our name, but also as way to salute the man who invented the hinged plastic fang and changed the face of Halloween forever…Larry Liff. And for the truly hardcore out there, you can skip the vest and stitch this thing right onto your skin. We dare you.

  • Diameter: 2.5″
  • Features: Iron-on backing, 75% embroidery, and 100% wolfsbane-free
  • Circular, and can also be dual-purposed as a tiny frisbee for an impressively small werewolf


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