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TWHFFC “We’re Here” (Saving Horror) Long-sleeve Shirt


Long-sleeve lycanthropy at its finest! They moved the cemetary and left the bodies…but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting the mission. That’s right, Fiends: The autumnal streets of Cuesta Verde will never be the same once you start SAVING HORROR ONE KID AT A TIME in this officially official TWHFFC shirt…now with more sleeve! Proudly printed in Philadelphia and on Gildan’s 100%” Heavy Cotton” brand shirts by our friends and offical club sponsors, STUDIOHOUSE DESIGNS, these haunted torso-covers will let the (supernatural) world that “We’re Here”…and that you are, too. See you on the other side.

  • Single-sided SAVING HORROR ONE KID ATA ATIME design inspired by one of our very favorite films
  • Sleeves printed with “Teenage” and “Werewolves,” respectively
  • 100% pitch-black cotton
  • Printed by Studiohouse Designs
  • Perfect for suburban hauntings, communicating with the dead, and house-cleaning
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